Strategy Session with Dr. Len Schwartz

This is a Business Growth Strategy Session application. Take your time and complete the application below. Your information will be sent directly to my Executive Assistant who will call you within 24 hours to schedule your strategy session. I look forward to providing you with a personalized marketing plan to help you double your practice and income in 6 months or less.



“In my first 6 weeks in your program, I used your specific tele-class strategy and generated 41 new patients in one night. This has generated at least $80,000 to me – and that does not include their referrals. I am using one of your internal referral strategies and now have 3 full time girls on the phones calling people back every day.”

– Dr. Jim Martin

“I tripled my practice and income in less than 1 year in this program!”

Dr. Lynne Sullivan
– Dr. Lynne Sullivan

“You’ve got me out of my comfort zone and ready to implement many more ‘things’ than I have in the past. My employees are more organized and I have now set up multiple systems to help me grow my practice. I do believe that this program will help me double my practice in the next 6-12 months.”

Beth Blecker, Financial Advisor
– Beth Blecker, Financial Advisor

“I doubled my practice – leads, referrals and new patients – in less than 6 months!

Dr. Phil Barone
– Dr. Phil B.


“It wasn’t 1, 2, or 3 ideas. It was the overall program I was looking for all this time. It provided me with a lot of fishing poles in the water. A lot of things that would bring patients to me not just once or twice but on a regular basis. He provided me with enough programs that once they are in place they run themselves and I sit back and manage.”

Dr. Jim Lambert
– Dr. Jim Lambert

“Market Domination is the perfect modern day formula for success for professionals. It provides professionals with a wealth of creative ideas to promote themselves and heighten the client experience…. Just starting with a couple of strategies and they are working, I look forward to being able to implement many of the others that have already been created for me to tap into.”

Alfreda Anderson
– F. Anderson, Financial Advisor, RIA

“I was thrilled with your Market Domination Strategies program. I wasn’t sure about joining at first. My business coach even advised me not to join, but I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that this program was more than worth the investment and will absolutely help me grow my practice. I commend Dr. Schwartz for putting together such a fine marketing and practice building program.”

Dr. Fred Hecht, Dentist
– Dr. Fred Hecht, Dentist

“Having practiced for 27 years I truly can say Dr. Len’s ideas are unique, organized and doable for any professional who wants to increase their market domination and consequently increase their income.”

Dr. Anthony Dinonno
– Dr. Anthony Dinonno