About Dr Len Schwartz

If you like the idea of working smarter, not harder and understand that by using the right lead generation, follow-up and conversion systems, you can generate dozens of qualified leads and new clients every month while working 25% – 50% less – then you’ll want to check out Dr. Len Schwartz.

Dr. Len Schwartz teaches lead generation and business growth automation so you can enjoy more success, have more free time, and a consistent, depenable cash flow.
Sound too good to be true?

Worried there’s too much technology to learn and too many funnels to understand?

Not sure where to get started?

Are you just overwhelmed?

Don’t be!

When Dr. Len Schwartz shows you easy-to-implement steps to follow (or even how to have it done-for-you), you’ll enjoy a predictable flow of leads and new clients.

It’s all about the SYSTEMS.

Dr. Len Schwartz started his chiropractic practice in 1993 and quickly built the biggest practice in Philadelphia. He started a marketing company in 1999 to help other doctors, professionals (like Financial Advisors, Agents, Attorneys, CPAs, etc), automate the growth of their practice.

Dr. Len Schwartz has worked and/or partnered with people like: the late Chet Holmes, the late Jay Levenson, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, e-myths Michael Gerber and dozens of other internationally known marketing and business building leaders.

Dr. Len Schwartz also owns one of the largest groups on LinkedIn called Marketing and Networking for Doctors and professionals with almost 86,000 members.

Dr. Len Schwartz owns several marketing companies and provides his clients with practice building marketing services and solutions that generate leads and new clients every month like clockwork.

To get in touch with Dr. Len Schwartz, you can find him on Linkedin at

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